PSVI Act Facts

Protection from Sexual Violence and Intimidation Act (Act 25)

July 1, 2015

Civil remedy — preponderance of the evidence

Standing: any victim of sexual violence who is at risk of further harm by the perpetrator, within a NON-familial relationship.

Advocates may offer options counseling & accompany victim to court.

Up to 36 months, with extensions as appropriate.

SVPO = Sexual Violence Prevention Order

  • Can be filed against minors
  • If there’s been SV against a minor, copy shall be served on CYS

PFI = Protection from Intimidation Order

  • Only appropriate for child victim <18, perpetrator > 18
  • Harassment, stalking
  • Relief: no contact @ employment, school; any other appropriate relief
  • Online database maintained

Unknowns (as of 2017):

  • Relative, but stranger? — probably SVP rather than PFA
  • How will schools handle Title 9 mandates for investigation?
  • Which court? Add to PFA docket?
  • Do PFI orders expire at age 18?